Rental Information  
Pick Up Information :
Location : Glendale, AZ Neighborhood - 6614 W. Sweetwater Ave
Date & Time : Thu, Jan 01, 1970 @ 12:00 AM
Return Information :
Location : Glendale, AZ Neighborhood - 6614 W. Sweetwater Ave
Date & Time : Thu, Jan 01, 1970 @ 12:00 AM
  Estimated Total  
Base Rate : 1 day (s)
$ 125.00
Options :
$ 0.00
Protections / Coverages :
$ 0.00
Estimated Total :
$ 125.00
Taxes & Surcharges :  
Reservation Fee :
$ 4.00
Sales Tax : (15.00%)
$ 18.75
Location Concession :
$ 35.00
Taxes & Surcharges Total :
$ 57.75
After Hours Charges :
$ .00
Estimated Total Cost :
$ 182.75
  • The rate above was calculated based on the information you provided and includes: sales tax, surcharges and possible delivery/pickup fee costs. However, some modifications may change this rate.
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At the time of the reservation renter must provide a current driver’s license, insurance card, and major credit card (acceptable cards are MasterCard, Visa, Discover, & AMEX) in the renter’s own name with available credit. You will be charged the full value of the rental on the day you book your reservation (excluding 1-2 day rentals which are not confirmed or charged until 48 hours prior). In addition, 3-5 days before your rental an authorization hold will be secured on the credit/debit card provided to cover a $500 deposit and any additional charges that may be incurred. These funds will not be available for your use. Additional authorizations (holds) will be obtained if the vehicle is not returned on the date/time notes on the Rental Agreement or if the original terms of the rental change resulting in additional charges. Authorization amounts may change based on your insurance coverage, the purchase of waivers, or by location.

Wheelers requires full coverage insurance which includes comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. The valid and collectible liability insurance and personal injury protection insurance of any authorized rental or leasing driver is primary for the limits of liability and personal injury protection coverage required by the state which customer is renting. Some personal automobile policies and coverage may not cover the extra cost of an Accessible Van, be sure to call them and verify that your insurance provides full coverage to the rented vehicle and it’s modification. The renter may be held personally responsible for all damages to the rented vehicle, its occupants and damages to 3rd parties if this coverage is not provided by the renter. 
If you do not have full coverage insurance, you must purchase both Wheelers Waivers. Waivers limit your personal liability; however, your other insurances may still be used to settle any damage claims.
Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) with $500 Deductible (A deposit equal to that amount is held during rental)
Loss Damage Waiver ("LDW") is not insurance and not mandatory. If you accept LDW by your signature or initials on the rental document at the additional daily rate, for each full or partial day that the van is rented to you and the van is operated in accordance with the Agreement, we assume responsibility less the deductible ($500) for the loss of or damage to the van except, if permitted by law, for lost, damaged or stolen keys or remote entry devices, towing or tire services, unless related to an accident, or recovery of the van if stolen and except for your amount of "responsibility", if any, specified on the rental document. If you do not accept LDW, you owe for all loss or damage to the van. You acknowledge you have been advised that your own insurance may cover loss or damage to the van. You also acknowledge reading the notice on loss damage shown on the rental document, or in these Terms and Conditions, or in a separate notice form.
California, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Nevada, Rhode Island and Texas, Consumer Protection: Under the laws of these states, a personal automobile insurance policy MUST cover the rental of this motor vehicle against damage to the vehicle and against loss of use of the vehicle. Therefore, purchase of any loss damage waiver or insurance for the risk of possible loss or damage to the van covered by the Agreement is NOT necessary if your policy was issued in one of these states. You should check your personal automobile insurance policy to review if the purchase of LDW would be duplication of coverage afforded under your personal automobile insurance policy.
Limited Liability Waiver (LLW) with $1500 Deductible
Limited Liability Waiver (LLW) - Wheelers Limited Liability Waiver is not insurance. But a waiver that may assist you in providing benefits when a claim is made against you during your rental with Wheelers. If renter accepts the LLW renter accepts that they are responsible for the first $1500 of damage and any additional costs for damage would be covered under any insurance the customer may have, including but not limited to; auto insurance, homeowners, credit card coverage's, etc, if there were any other unpaid damages, if the terms and conditions were followed and the vehicle was being used in accordance with Wheelers terms and conditions and all city, state, county and federal laws, Wheelers insurance may then cover. The purchase of LLW is optional and not required to rent a car. Wheelers is not qualified to adequately determine renter's existing coverage; therefore, the renter should examine his or her personal insurance policies or other sources that may provide the required coverage's. 
International customers must purchase both Wheelers Waivers for your rental period. We do not accept alternative insurance through other companies. The only exception is for Canadian customer's whose insurance does cover them as a driver in the USA.

Allotted free mileage of 100 free miles per day. Additional mileage is a fee per mile over the allowable. Traveling more than the accumulated mileage of your rental will result in a fee of .35 per mile over the allowable. If you travel outside of the state or more than 100 miles from the renting location, the mileage fee goes to .50 per mile over the allowable and you will have a minimum rental period. This rental period may be longer than you need the van, but the minimal rental period would apply.  If you do not inform Wheelers that you are going more than 100 miles from the renting location, you may lose your deposit and may be charged additional fees.
Monthly rentals will receive a maximum of 2000 free miles for the 4-week (Monthly Rental) period.  Additional mileage fee is .35 per mile over the allowable, unless outside of the 100-mile radius, in which then the rate per mile increases to .50 per mile.
One-Way rentals
Our vehicles are perfect for long trips, but our operating procedures do not usually support one-way travel. However, you can contact your closest Wheelers location and obtain further details. Traveling outside of 100 miles from the renting location will result in a per mile fee higher than that of the local rental per mile fee. 
Traveling into Mexico is strictly forbidden. Under no circumstances is the van allowed within 80 miles of the Mexico border. Traveling to this area will result in the forfeit of your deposit and possibly additional fees.
Traveling into Canada is allowed with proper written authorization from Wheelers and proof of insurance for Canada. Traveling into Canada without prior approval will forfeit any deposits of refunds of any kind.
Telematics Notice:  Vehicle may be equipped with GPS or another telematics system. This system utilizes cellular telephone and/or radio signals to transmit data and communication and therefore, privacy cannot be guaranteed and is specifically disclaimed by Renter. In the Rental Agreement Renter will be asked to sign that they are aware of the device and what information it gathers for Company.


The van must come back with the same level of fuel as when the van was picked up. Returning with less fuel will result in a refueling charge of $99. Fuel must be filled within a 5-mile radius of the returning location.
All vehicles are equipped with GPS to track the vehicle, the mileage, and fuel level. What you provide us from your verbal confirmation should match or be close to what we show on our GPS system. Not calling prior to and after your rental with mileage and fuel levels will result in us using the GPS as the final decision maker as to additional fees for mileage and fuel levels.


Delivery and pickup options are based on availability. All deliveries required at least a 3-day minimum rental period. But we may require additional rental days if the delivery location is outside of our normal delivery area. The delivery option must be listed on your rental contract. If an option for your city or location is not listed call Wheelers at 623-776-8830 for assistance. We will deliver the van at a time which is available for our delivery driver. This will not be more than 24 hours in advance. We will notify you when the van is delivered and available for your rental with the parking location.
If you are having a van delivered for an airport or other location with paid parking, you are responsible to pay for parking when you pick up the van and we will pay for parking when we pick up the van. 


What are the requirements for a rental?
Every renter is required to provide, via email/text, a copy of their driver’s license, insurance card, and when requested their credit card with the number hidden, except for the last 4 digits. All documentation must match insofar as name, address, and other information. Some locations require a picture of the person with their driver’s license for verification.
Who can drive the van?
Anyone driving the van must be on the rental agreement. Wheelers allows 3 drivers. Should you require more drivers, you must have prior written consent from the Wheelers corporate office. We allow drivers from the age of 23 years old who have valid driver’s license and full coverage insurance, so long as it extends to our rental vehicle.
Does Wheelers provide a driver/chauffeur?
Wheelers is a wheelchair van rental service only. The renter must provide a licensed and insured driver.
What if I need to cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation up to 3 days prior to the day of your reservation. However, there is a $100 nonrefundable deposit. Cancelling with less than 3 days results in a no refund of any portion of the reservation. All reservations are charged the full amount of the rental at the time of reservation, except for 1- or 2-day rentals as they are not confirmed until 24 hours in advance. You must call Wheelers directly to cancel.
Reservations made over holidays are not cancelable. All reservations are charged the full amount of the rental at the time of reservation. Holidays include - New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day. Wheelers has the right to cancel this reservation at any time should circumstances arise outside of our control.
What if I don’t show up for my rental time?
Choosing not to communicate to Wheelers regarding changed plans and not showing up for your rental on the date and time on your agreement will result in a no refund of any kind.
Can I bring my service animal?
Service animals are allowed. However, you are responsible for any damage to the van or extra cleaning or damage that may need to be done due to the animals shedding or other issues the animal might cause. We’d suggest that you bring a blanket and cover the seats to the van to protect against fluids and hair. Please inform us at the time of the reservation that you are bringing a service animal. No other animals are allowed.
Can I smoke in the van?
There is NO SMOKING in or around the rental vehicle. Most of our customers have sensitivity to smoke, due to their disability, and we ask that you abide by this policy to the strictest of forms. Should the vehicle be returned with the residue of smoke smell or burns to the seats or other material, you will be charged a detailing fee to eliminate the smoke smell and fix the damage.

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Wheelers offers the best modified vehicles the industry has to offer. At our corporate locations we have two types of vans. Some locations may only have one type of van. A specific type of van is not guaranteed and will be based on availability. If you have a preference on the type of van, please be sure to list this in your contract. We will do our best to provide you with your preference type but cannot guarantee you will receive that type based on fleet availability and last-minute changes.
How many wheelchairs can fit in the van?
Our vans hold 1 wheelchair. If you will be requiring 2 wheelchairs to fit in the van, you must get approval from Wheelers. You will then be placed in a Caravan (if available). You will be responsible to pay for the front seat to be removed and stored. You will be responsible to bring your own second set of tie-downs as Wheelers only provides one set per van.
Dodge Grand Caravan
Caravans seat 5 people in addition to the person in the wheelchair (driver, passenger, bench seat in the back seats 3, wheelchair is secured in the middle part of the van). Most Caravans have spring assisted side ramps and doors. Some locations may remove the front passenger seat for an additional fee.
MV-1’s were produced by American Motors. These vans were built to be a wheelchair van from the start. They are of excellent quality with spring assisted doors and power ramps.
The MV-1 seats 4 people in addition to the person in the wheelchair and does not have a front passenger seat (driver, bench seat in back seats 3, wheelchair is designed to be in the passenger seat area but can also be secured in the middle part of the van).

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